Saucey Design Co.





David "D Sauce" Saucedo

On paper I’m David Saucedo. Everyone in real life calls me D Sauce or some variation of that. I’m a USMC veteran, have a BA in architecture but gravitated toward the faster pace of graphic design. I have been part of large marketing design teams and also a lone wolf working in 3D, campaigns, and events. 

What you need to know about me: 

-I work hard and love to get my hands dirty. I’m all about getting it done and done right. Ask lots of questions up front and overly communicate throughout progress. 

-Learning is a lifelong passion. You should never be done. Currently enrolled in Learn Squared Sketch anything course. Other courses I've taken recently include: Animation Bootcamp, Learn Squared - Motion Design course and UI and Data Design.

-I’m hardwired with grit, technical skills, and on-the-job smarts but I make sure I'm humble everyday in my personal and professional life. No one likes a know-it-all.

The laid back side:

-Beer but more of a whiskey man myself.

-Fitness Gains - everyday hustle in the
gym and training in Muay Thai.

-Dad stuff - my boys are my best friends. 

-Chipotle - cuz what else would you have
for lunch?... 




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